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What We Do

Brand Representation

We provide quality service, delivering impressive results for our brand partners. With our iconic portfolio of brands there are two things in common. First are the partnerships that have stood the test of time, some for decades. Second are the outstanding sales share and volume results. It’s the ongoing achievements which lead to the lasting relationships. And that’s just how it should be. Results always speak for themselves.

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Food Ingredients

As well as being a leading brand manager of consumer-packaged goods, James Crisp is a leading ingredients supplier to food manufacturers, bakers, re-packers and the food service industry throughout New Zealand. To fulfil the need, a wide range of high-quality ingredients is sourced from within New Zealand and around the world.

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Private Label

We believe that nothing speaks like experience. Over the years James Crisp has introduced literally hundreds of private label products to the New Zealand market. During this time we have sourced and offered a wide range of food and non-food products for private label use. In addition, we have contributed numerous innovations and packaging concepts with real edge. As with all things, experience is a great teacher.

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Brand Development & Marketing Services

For many years James Crisp has been actively sourcing a range of products and ingredients locally and from around the world. Having long established partners who produce the best quality ingredients has enabled James Crisp to develop its own brands and successfully market them throughout New Zealand.

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