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Our Expertise

James Crisp enjoys a thriving market in the importation and distribution of quality ingredients such as dried fruit, nuts, cranberries and much more, for New Zealand based food manufacturers.

James Crisp is a leading ingredients supplier to food manufacturers, bakers, re-packers and the food service industry throughout New Zealand. To fulfil the need, a wide range of high-quality ingredients is sourced from within New Zealand and around the world.

We have well established relationships with many of New Zealand’s significant food manufacturers and processors. Our specialist knowledge in these sectors is what really sets us apart.

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James Crisp provides a comprehensive solution, covering the entire food production process from harvest to value addition, ultimately reaching the supermarket shelf. We offer tailor-made solutions for B2B customers of all sizes. We want to play an active role in our customer’s journey.


We possess extensive knowledge and diverse experiences, fostering strong connections with key food manufacturers both in New Zealand and globally. Through these relationships, we open doors to opportunities for you. Rest assured, the door is always open with these valuable connections.

Key ingredients include:

  • Dried fruits
  • Nuts
  • Milk products
  • Salt
  • Pastes
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Logistics & Technology

James Crisp has award-winning professionalism and performance in the importation and logistics arena. Our extensive industry expertise is complemented by state-of-the-art technology.  Every shipment to James Crisp is monitored throughout its journey and is also covered by comprehensive insurance.   We can handle entry requirements, logistics, warehousing, budgeting, planning, financial, forecasting and reporting.

We can also tailor-make our logistical and reporting platforms to suit your requirements.  Our technology platform means you will get what you need when you need it.  It’s that simple. With James Crisp what you want comes first.

Warehousing & Transport

The company operates two large, modern warehouse facilities in Auckland and Christchurch for distribution to North Island and South Island customers respectively. These distribution hubs provide a competitive and effective inventory management solution.

At James Crisp effective procurement through to distribution is viewed as a critical success factor for us and for our principles, that’s why we make it seamless.

With over a century of experience, it’s our passion drives us. You can trust that we know the business inside out. We're dedicated to delivering exceptional results that truly delight our brand partners.